Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Five Fingered Keyboards (3)

I have at long last put together a small demo of a five finger keyboard, as discussed in a previous entry in this blog. I have released it as an open source project on Google Code, here. It's an HTML page with embedded JavaScript that illustrates the concept of a sequence-sensitive chording keyboard. The version that I uploaded, v0.1, is limited and buggy, but it's a beginning.


Blogger Ben Bonfil said...

Very Nice

I think that the next thing you should do is to map the keys in a way that more common letters will requires less keys (i.e. make 1 correspond to e and 513 to x)

2:42 pm  
Blogger sglsgl said...

for me in Paris it does not work.
When i select debug, it displays the numbers 1 2 3
it can displays chorded press 123
but it does not produce letters ?

11:25 am  

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